Air as an Ocean

Featuring Sound Artists:

  • Quenton Stuckey is an only child, dancer, and vocalist based in New York City. Quenton has worked with MoMA, The Whitney Museum, The Guggenheim Museum, and Performa.  

  • Despina is the pseudonym of Brooklyn based composer and producer Michael Matchen. They are also the music director of Hidden Currencies, a multidisciplinary futurist art collective.

  • Michael Clemow is a conceptual sound artist. His practice is focused around the idea of listening as a creative act and explores the positions of listening and being listened to and what it means to know-with-the-ear.

  • Jenn Grossman is a sound/experiential media artist/composer concerned with liminality and perceptual affect. Her work has taken the form of modular sound sculpture, ambient soundscapes, vocal experimentation, multichannel sound works, public interventions, & video/light projections.

  • Crow Vendetta is a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in New York City. Always seeking to deepen his relationship with music and himself, his experimentations with cello and electronics have led him to this collaborative project.

  • Caitlin Baucom is a composer, performer, and organizer. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

  • Paul Murray is the lead singer of musical collaborative Get in the Pool. He sings love songs and life songs, equally comfortable in the worlds of dance, hip hop, RnB, and rock.

  • grub is a Brooklyn based artist, vocalist, and producer. Building electronic anthems, she binds ubiquitous human dread with hope, humor, and intimacy.

  • Duncan Figurski is a multidisciplinary artist who utilizes the intersection of stimulus to explore new narrative structures. His music is tied to the history of a fictitious country which acts to hyperbolize American spiritual life.

  • ERIDAN is a duo comprised of Eri King and Daniel Greer based in Brooklyn, NY. Eridan’s conceptual framework investigates the everyday as a collaborative experience of daily rituals and ordinary objects as a way to increase the visibility of our relationship with consumer cultural identity.

  • Ryan Soper is a sculptor, video artist, and modular synthesist. Soper is one half of the NYC-based performance project Non-Native and is a member of Fox/Super Duo, and Brat Pit.

  • Joe Dolinsky’s visual art and music share process as a driving force. He is interested in experimenting with different techniques and discovering new sounds and textures that conjures various responses.

  • Kiri Stensby is a Brooklyn-based producer, musician, and audio engineer. Hara Kiri is her solo nocturnal pop project, in which she combines silky melodies with jagged textures and heavy beats.

  • Caleb Cruzel is a sound maker in NYC. He has performed across the city and internationally as a soul-pop artist under the moniker Goon Soul.

  • Hot Throb a percussionist, composer, and sound engineer

  • Venïson Man is an artist and musician exploring the intersection of pop and avant garde music. He has performed at Las Mana Contemporary, MoMA PS1, and Secret Project Robot. He comprises one half of the experimental RnB duo Dey.

  • Paulapart is a sculptor and composer who uses their acoustic seashell sculptures as a collaborative multichannel sound platform.